It has become a well known fact that many diabetic patients, have, do and/or will re-use their Lancets and insulin syringes numerous times before disposing of them.

You can be correct in thinking that the re-use of insulin devices is dangerous. Re-use is very likely to cause a number of skin infections. Some of these infections can progress beyond a localized problem and become an abscess or even a septic blood infection.

About 7.5 billion syringes are used each year(1)  and they can be expensive to purchase regularly. Many patients want to re-use needles to save money. Not all insurance companies (if insured) are created equal and often funds are not available to fully pay for a needed insulin regiment. This can be seen especially in clients that might be on a fixed income or subsidized by the government.

Let us not forget the inconveniences of syringe use. Diabetics having to inject 3 or 4 times a day find that taking a plethora of needles and equipment with them daily can prove inconvenient. Plus disposal of used "sharps" safely can be daunting. There is even more of a challenge when traveling for an extended period of time or globally.

Of course there are the long term or "seasoned" users who just from bad habits re-use their equipment until it will no longer pierce the skin. Some even take the "environmental stance" as not to want to fill the landfills with more disposable medical waste.

Until now, there has been no compact economical way to sanitize you insulin syringes when new ones are not available.

What is being said about syringe reuse in the Media.




Syringe reuse and Insulin 


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(1) Gold K. Analysis: The impact of needle, syringe and lancet disposal in the community.  Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 2011.5 (4): 848-50

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