An Introduction to the b-Safe Protocol


          The b-Safe HR-100 is a non-descript small box resembling an eyeglass case. Within the case is a UVC Lamp System that, through design, should eliminate up to 99% of the infectious viruses hidden on the syringe plunger and needle exterior. The short wavelength of UVC Light has been proven to break apart germ DNA, making them inactive to transfer. 

      To use, the plunger is removed. It and the syringe are then placed into the designated spaces of the b-Safe case. The start button is pushed and for approximately 5 minutes the pieces are exposed to UVC light, aiding in the disinfection of the needle and plunger. Upon completion the device can be re-assembled for use. 

           The case features a mesh pouch in the upper half to conveniently hold additional syringes and insulin. Being only 7"x2.5"x1.5" in size, it can discretely be placed in a pocket or purse. The unit runs on three replaceable AAA batteries. The case zips closed so nothing is accidentally revealed or dropped.  

To Really Ensure A Clean Syringe, 
                 Add Our 123 PACK To Your Routine 

     The 123 Pack is a small prepackaged container, about the size of a U.S. Quarter, that has the two needed liquids to help disinfect a needle/syringe interior.

      To use, the needle  punctures the top seal to draw in the liquids. 

      First water is drawn up, shaken and dispensed. The center bleach is then drawn up, again shaken and dispensed. Then the last section of water is drawn up, shaken and dispensed.

     This part of the protocol should remove any residual insulin in the barrel and needle interior that could later gel, form clogs or ultimately, if introduced back into your insulin bottle, accelerate spoilage. 

      Your syringe is now ready to pop into the HR-100 and bask in the sanitizing UVC light.  


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